Mixed Emotions

Emotional Intuitive Guidance with

Christina Hunt BA(Hons) Adv.Dip.Ed. Hornsby Dip. M.A.E.P.H. .E.T. S.A.C.Dip.CBT

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People who seek therapy or have a need to see a psychic/medium have usually reached a place in their lives where they feel emotionally 'stuck' or are in need of direction. 

 I have been involved with Emotional Therapy, Counselling and CBT for over 10 years working extensively with adults, teenagers and children one to one and in workshops.

 I have always known that my main tools I use in consultations are empathy and intuition. Being an Emotional Intuitive means that I am able to read and understand 


repressed emotions and also have the ability to 'map' their emotional blockages to the original source. 

Intuitive Consultations

Because of my strong Intuitive ability I have chosen to work in a different way to other 'counsellors' and 'psychics'. The clients have an active role in the consultations. Because of the tools which I use people come to an understanding of their behaviour and the behaviour of those around them. I will never tell a client their future, but rather will enable them to see clearly where they are now and inspire them to become proactive in determining their own future. 

I inspire people to use their own intuition. To help awaken their own innate ability to answer life questions.

I do this by using skills from a large tool box which I have built over many years; Intuition, empathy, emotional therapy, psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, spirituality and an awareness of the messages of the ancients.


'I have been seeing Christina, a lovely person with exceptional insight, for several consultations. I went with a particular issue but to my surprise I found that not only was that problem being dealt with I uncovered ones I didn't even know existed and my whole life has changed and improved beyond measure. It all feels like such a relief! Yes, it is 'work' but it is so enjoyable to discover yourself and it doesn't feel onerous because it is such a positive thing to be doing. Christina gives just the right amount of assistance and encouragement in a very nurturing way. One of her favourite phrases is 'you know more than you know.' She is right; it turned out to be true but I would never have discovered it without her help. I cannot recommend her highly enough!' - Linda, Wimborne, Dorset.

'Christina is an extraordinary lady. I saw her for a phobia I have had for years. When I started I thought that there would be no way that anyone could make me feel any different regarding my deep rooted fears, but with her patience, knowledge, charisma and caring side to her towards her clients and professionalism towards her work, Christina helped me come through the other side. I would highly recommend Christina. Thank you'  - Paloma, Bournemouth, Dorset, (Phobia Free)